Artificial Intelligence deployed to perform smarter
IT operations

GAVel is a predictive analytics platform that uses intelligent & insightful data aggregation to provide proactive and predictive risk management. The predictive algorithms correlate events and hidden patterns within data to empower IT users and the business to make insightful decisions to manage operations efficiently.


Artificial Intelligence Driven Platform

Human Intelligence exhibited by machines. Self Learning Algorithms helps to reduce MTTR incidents by 90% and increases business service availability.

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Speed Data Platform

Platform to Reveal Complex & Continuously Evolving IT landscape. Very large volume of Structured & Unstructured data can be aggregated and correlated with precision.

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Connect 70+ IT Operations Tools. COTS or custom tools, can be integrated to get insights which helps to drive meaningful business decision.

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Cloud, On-Premise & Hybrid

Deployment To Meet Business & Regulatory Demands. Data from private cloud, public cloud or on-premise datacenter, can be ingested to derive insights.

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Spotting Application Weak Signals for a Leading Financial Institution

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