Artificial Intelligence Driven Platform

Human Intelligence Exhibited by Machines.

The role of the IT workers will be enhanced as companies deploy AI to drive intelligence into operations. It’s not a matter of “if” but “when” a company will embrace AI. AI helps serve customers better, providing timely solutions to eliminate outages, the nightmares of Enterprise Management.

We bring you real time insights from Alerts or Incidents or Performance metrics, and with the help of AI drive efficiency in IT operations.


Speed Data Platform

A Platform That Grows Your Business.

Platform reveals the multitudinous complexities in the continually evolving IT landscape.

Managing data with speed, scale and transparency, discovering deep insights in your data or connecting it to people through applications, the Speed Data platform offers tools that helps accelerate your digital transformation.

Gigabytes to petabytes of data are processed in seconds using GAVel’s proprietary Speed Data architecture.



Connect 70+ IT Operations Tools

Constantly changing business environments and complex technologies drive the need for technology enabled business transformation for operational excellence.
Initiate seamless interconnectivity to support intelligent business decisions, avoid confusion, inefficiency, and decreased productivity due to multiple IT systems.

This is a single step integration to connect to most of the industry standard ITSM tools. Any off-the-shelf or proprietary tools in your organization can be connected to GAVel with ease.


Cloud, On-Premise & Hybrid

Deploy to Meet Business & Regulatory Demands

End-to-end focus starting from cloud readiness, assessment, migration and performance implemented on a secure architecture and design is the basis for a robust cloud-based delivery framework. Set up the environment with automation-led workload management, high availability, privacy and security that meet both the cloud and on-premise regulatory requirements.

Regulated or non-regulated environments or hybrid, GAVel suits your business needs.