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​Release Summary

This release has improvements that are added to enhance user experience. ​​ ​


  1. User Story 3406 – Option to Choose Group & Priority before exporting incidents to ITSM tool. Users will option to choose the group and priority they would want to set, before exporting case id to ITSM tool.
  2. Support Ticket 3720 – Remove Case Id & Add Device Name to Incident Summary. Incident summary will have device name instead of case id. GAVel case id can be referenced from incident description.
  3. Support Ticket 3635 – Remove % symbol from incident description. When creating incidents from GAVel to ITSM tool, a few case ids were generating ‘n’ number of % symbols. This has been fixed.


  1. Bug – 3588 – Label Change of Reference Number to Reference.
    ​Label change has been made for field Reference Number.

There are other performance tuning as well that has been done to the product.

  1. Acknowledge Button – User can do parallel action after clicking the acknowledge button in case management. There will be no loader which will prevent the user from performing other actions.
  2. Lazy Loading Scroll Fix – Scroll lock issue in case management and raw alerts has been fixed.

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Release Summary

This sub-release has improvements that are added to enhance user experience.


  1. User Story 3367 – Indicator to indicate, if there are values entered in preferences or search function (Raw & Case Management).
    ​​​​​If user had entered any values inside preferences or search function of Raw Alerts & Case Management, then there will be an icon on top of the function to indicate there is a value entered.
  2. User Story 3359 & 3360 – Enhancements to Preferences function in case management.
    Users can now set filters on Case Status, Incident Status & Acknowledgement Status. Based on the preferences set, users will be able to filter and monitor specific case id’s. There is a help icon, next to these fields which will indicate the options available for the filters.

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Release Summary

These fixes and improvements will help the team to handle case management more effectively.


  1. Bug 3365 – Handling special characters in user interface.
    Special characters displayed in Raw Alerts section and Case Management section has been decoded and fixed.
  2. Bug 3372 – Handling Special Character in ITSM integration.
    Exporting case id’s to ITSM tool with special characters in alerts description had issues previously as, API was not accepting special characters. Fix has been applied to handle special characters before feeding data into ITSM.
  3. Bug 3371 – Acknowledged case id’s gets unacknowledged.
    This was happening due to special characters being entered in notes section. Users can enter special characters in notes section. This has been fixed.
  4. Bug 3349 – Last Modified field not updated in case management.
    Latest raw alert time that was grouped to case id will be displayed in Last Modified field of case management.
  5. Bug 3351 – Color indicator for timeline data
    There was a sporadic issue in displaying the color for alerts in timeline. Based on the severity of the alert, data displayed in the timeline will have color coding. ​


  1. User Story 3374 – Capture Acknowledge_Date in database.
    On tool-tip hover of acknowledge icon, along with name, time will also be displayed. ​​​​​​​​
  2. ​​User Story 3386 – Case Management Status update field.
    ​​NOC team can update the status of the case management, if there are no incidents that are required to be created as per the SOP. This will prevent new alerts getting correlated to old case ids and new case ids will be created for new alerts.