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Incident Reduction for a Major New York Hospital


A leading New York health system was burdened with instability in it’s CCU applications and other vital support applications. This was causing excessive planned and unplanned infrastructure and application downtime, and they were unable to respond in time to their end-user requirements and issues. The low end-user satisfaction gave the IT organization a reputation of being ineffectual and too expensive.


GAVel AIOps was implemented to: identify false IT alert positives, build incident correlation data and ultimately redirect problems well before it impacted the users. GAVS also implemented zMan for Automation of repetitive tasks and GCare for a centralized active monitoring of applications and infrastructure components.


This fully integrated solution reduced number of user tickets by 43%, yielded a systems uptime of 99.99%, cut costs by 40%, reduced client IT effort by 25%, increased first call resolution to 80% and enabled the hospital to use cost savings to reinvest in the core hospital delivery function.